Five Plus

Five Plus

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The Mission

Swap the ordinary gift for a laugh-out-loud surprise: a personalized caricature! Guaranteed to turn any occasion into a hilarious memory.

For an illustration with so many characters, send a message with a description of what you want and you will receive a final price.

Share your thoughts

Send me a message with your intentions and thoughts and I’ll get back to you with a final price.

(When you click the Send button, you will be directed to a payment page.)

The process

After submitting the form and payment made, the information provided will be reviewed and in case of any problems you will be contacted.

The expected delivery time depends on the amount of characters intended. Final delivery will be in a PDF file, A3 size, to be sent to the email address provided.

Complete your gift!

Elevate your illustration experience to the next level! With every purchase, unlock the option to extend the joy beyond just a digital artwork.

Picture your caricature adorning a trendy t-shirt, gracing the walls in a stylish frame, or brightening up your morning with a vibrant mug.

Embrace the opportunity to bring your personalized masterpiece to life in a tangible, unforgettable way. It’s not just art – it’s a lifestyle statement!

Request a quote for a print of your design.

Request a quote for a print of your design.